Nasa rovers Spirit and Opportunity have spent a decade photographing Mars. Here’s a pick of the best pictures. See more here.

Top to bottom: Opportunity catches its shadow; Blueberries on Mars; and sunset over the rim of Gusev Crater. Photographs: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Texas A&M/Cornell


Happy to announce this group exhibition at Photo LA, January 16th - 19th, 2014.

Deviled Eggs: New Photographic Strategies

How does a photograph’s precious nature continue to endure in a post-analogue society? At what point does our privileged abundance of images fail to become a true reflection of our visual language? “Deviled Eggs” is an exhibit of new works whose authors are reevaluating and reconditioning our perception of the ‘true’ photograph. Through experimental and transcendental studio practices, these new works challenge both the function of the ‘straight’ photograph, and the abstraction of a photographic practice in today’s image based world. - Jeff McLane

Marten Elder 

Jon Feinstein

Ben Goddard

Sean Higgins

Ian James

Calvin Lee

Jeff McLane

Paul Pescador

Katie Shapiro

(Source: jeffmclane, via photographsonthebrain)